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Cyndi Long’s New Website Is Up

If you see a random image that doesn’t seem to “go,” you need to clear out your cache to view it properly. Especially the iPhone version. Hope you like it! Advertisements

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I recently stumbled upon these forgotten photos that I took in late 2011.  A storm had just dropped and the sun was beginning to set.  This took place over a weekend, and there was an eerily calm silence in what … Continue reading

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Today, I Stopped To Smell The Roses

Well, actually… no roses were involved.  I did, however enjoy a gingerly walk in my neighborhood to soak in some lovely 69 degree sunny weather.  The spring-like light was inspiring, so I brought along my camera. One of my favorite … Continue reading

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Big Differences In NBA Team Photos

As a detail-oriented photographer, I can’t help but notice subtle differences. The average NBA viewer probably didn’t notice how technically different these team photos were when shown during ABC’s Pre-Game coverage. But, I’m guessing that subconsciously, they did. The difference … Continue reading

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Studio Sweets + Drinks

Valentine’s Day is a great excuse for Laura to fire up the cookie-baking oven. They were delish! Thanks to Nate Rehlander for the pics!

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Visual Fun With Sound

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Kaleidoscope Fun

This is a fun little time-waste website that takes a random image and allows you to create new designs with the move of your mouse (or finger if viewing on your phone.) Here’s a link using one of my drink … Continue reading

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