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The House That Stan Built

My rep Laura Gonzales and I were excited to attend the Vendor Openhouse Tour of The Richards Group’s new home. It’s a stunning building overlooking I-75 Central Expressway and Uptown in Dallas, Tx. To say it’s an upgrade would be … Continue reading

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Cyndi Long Shoots for Sally Beauty Supply+Richards Group

I LOVE what The Richards Group did with the Sally Beauty Supply ad that I shot last October. They created little stickers that you can peel off to try against your skin/clothes.  It also reveals the polish color name, making … Continue reading

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Boy, I Sure Have Been Pronouncing Futura Wrong

Here’s a list of European typefaces with accompanying European soundbites pronouncing them.

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Stuffed Animals Created From Children’s Drawings

These stuffed animals created directly from children’s drawings are nothing less than amazing. The craftsmanship looks impeccable. I’m tempted to dig out old drawings of my own, just in case they start taking orders again soon!

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Give Credit Where Credit Is Due

I think we’ve all finally come to the conclusion that you can’t get mad at someone for sharing something you’ve posted online.  We’re ALL curators to some extent in one way, or another.  It is nice, however, to get the … Continue reading

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Great List of Books Regarding Creativity

The constant struggle for the commercial artist is finding a balance between wearing a creative hat and wearing a business hat.  Another struggle involves maintaining a high level of creativity for yourself, and encouraging that within your workplace.  Here’s a … Continue reading

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A Voyeuristic Look At Two Ad Agencies: AMC’s ‘The Pitch’

As an advertising photographer that studied advertising for my minor in college, I’m intrigued by AMC’s new reality show, “The Pitch.”  Camera crews follow two ad agencies- McKinney and WDCW- as they go through the process of pitching to a … Continue reading

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Etch-A-Sketch Turns A Negative Into A Positive

Kudos to the Ohio Art (Etch-A-Sketch) Company for having Team Detroit quickly turn their random political mention into a well-executed ad campaign. Coming soon: blue models for the Dems. Genius.

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Google Challenges Advertising Old-Timers To Recreate Their Famous Ads For Today

Google’s Project Re Brief I LOVE the respect the Google folks are giving the older ad peeps, and the insight into both processes. Watch the project’s introductory trailer- Watch the Coca-Cola Hilltop Re-Do

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Texas-Born Artist Makes Her Mark, One Chalkboard At A Time

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