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Perfect Weather In Dallas

I decided to take advantage of the great weather this past weekend to explore my backyard- Dallas, Texas.  I had a blast bar-hopping on the DART light-rail, and also found some awesome fashion locations while riding my bike along the … Continue reading

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Bike Ride Treat

Found this on a bike ride the other day. I dare you to find it, Dallas.

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60 Hours Timelapsed Into 16 Weird Seconds

After planting cilantro seeds, these cute little mushrooms popped up.  I couldn’t resist.

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Seed Vault Documented By Dornith Doherty

Pretty cool to see University of North Texas’ own, Dornith Doherty featured via Wired Magazine’s blog.  She traveled almost to the North Pole to document a storage facility for seeds (stored in case of a horrible event.)  She used a … Continue reading

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Recyling As Art

I’m a big fan of recycling, and also a big fan of art.  Makes sense that I would REALLY be a fan of recycling that IS art.  I was taken aback when I saw these paintings by Nick Gentry.  By … Continue reading

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Great List of Books Regarding Creativity

The constant struggle for the commercial artist is finding a balance between wearing a creative hat and wearing a business hat.  Another struggle involves maintaining a high level of creativity for yourself, and encouraging that within your workplace.  Here’s a … Continue reading

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A Voyeuristic Look At Two Ad Agencies: AMC’s ‘The Pitch’

As an advertising photographer that studied advertising for my minor in college, I’m intrigued by AMC’s new reality show, “The Pitch.”  Camera crews follow two ad agencies- McKinney and WDCW- as they go through the process of pitching to a … Continue reading

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On Set: My Life Has Come Full Circle

It seems like just yesterday that I was roaming the sidewalks of sunny San Diego on my bad-ass Big Wheel. Back then, they had a hand brake that allowed you to spin out and plastic fringe dangling from the handles. … Continue reading

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