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Interesting Look at How 8 Year-Old Girls Would Design Laptops

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A Beautiful Look at a Creative Mind (Michael Wolff.)

Here’s a very well-done short investigating Michael Wolff’s “creative muscle” by  m ss ng p eces, Red Peak and Hush.

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Free Breathing App is a Nice Break From the Grind.

A nice relaxing (and FREE) break.  I like it with water sounds and no voiceover…

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Kinect Is Much More Than A Gaming System. Yay Technology!

Canadian Doctors Using the Kinect System to Control Digital Imaging Equipment

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Super fantastic materials resource

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IR Paintings

To the naked eye, it’s a blank canvas. A quick pic with your low-end camera will reveal the infrared circuits underneath. Very fun trick- I look forward to a true artist embracing this technology and creating more than just a … Continue reading

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E-Waste Recycling- Sat March 26th @AAC, Dallas

E-Waste Recycling (old tvs, computers, keyboards, mice, power cords AND BATTERIES! When: Saturday, March 26th 9am-2pm @ American Airlines Center (North side.) Thanks, Dallas Mavericks!

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Supercool font machine This sure could have saved me some time figuring out which typeface I wanted to use for my art direction/design projects in college….

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Well it’s about damn time.

Boy, do we have some catching up to do. Fashionably late, I suppose…. This is the official blog for the happiest of Happy Artists. Give Laura a shout if you’d like to discuss her Happy Artists at length. [] If … Continue reading

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