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Election Night Cocktails 2016 🇺🇸🍹🇺🇸

No matter which candidate you vote for this year, you’re probably going to want a cocktail in your hand while watching the election results trickle in on Tuesday night. Laura and our good friend Tonya tested and tweaked several recipes … Continue reading

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Spring Has Sprung!

For Dallasites, the warm and humid weather has chased out the little bit of cold weather we get to enjoy. It’s nothing to complain about- especially when you understand what miserably hot and humid weather will be here before we … Continue reading

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Happy (belated) Valentine’s Day

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Craft Beer in Dallas, Tx

I’ve been a fan of craft beer for years now. Dallas FINALLY has some delicious local brews available for my drinking pleasure. Here’s a few- there are many others I look forward to shooting soon… Ahhhhhhhh. Time for a beer.    

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Happy Valentine’s Day! (Timelapse Video)

With my massive sweet tooth, I never thought it was possible to eat too much chocolate. Boy, was I wrong…I found my boundary and subsequently have zero desire for candy this Valentine’s Day!  If you need me, I’ll be at … Continue reading

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Sweet Blueberry Tofu Recipe

We don’t want this blog to turn into a cooking channel, but I DO love food and I DO love getting creative in the kitchen. After eating too many hotdogs and BBQ this 4th of July, your body may need … Continue reading

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How To Enjoy Tofu

I’ve been attempting to perfect tofu preparation for about 10 years now.  A plate of bland, lifeless tofu will turn anyone into a tofu-hater.  But, when you learn of tofu’s high protein/low fat/low calorie/zero cholesterol/low sodium/inexpensive qualities, it’s hard to … Continue reading

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Microscopic Images From “Digested” 35mm Film

Check out these microscopic images made from 35mm film “digested” through the artist. It’s a fun and intriguing project from artists Josh Lake and Luke Evans. Gross and cool at the same time:  

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Lifesaver Award = Lifesaver Cookies

When JCPenney gives you a “Lifesaver Award,” you make Lifesaver Cookies!  My rep, Laura Gonzales (Happy Artists) enjoyed the challenge of figuring out what the heck to do with a mountain of Lifesaver candies.  She went for a stained-glass look … Continue reading

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This Girl Totally Beats My Coffee Paintings

Coffee ring painting by Hong Yi (via Mental Floss.)  Nicely done.

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