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Colorblindness-Correcting Glasses From 2AI Labs

self portrait by artist, Adam Fenton 2AI Labs focuses their research on “cognition and perception in humans and machines.” Out of this research, they created glasses that can help the colorblind artist to “see” colors otherwise unavailable before by enhancing … Continue reading

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iPhone App Makes You Wait An Hour For Your Photos

I’m guessing that most photographers born after 1990 won’t understand why this app would even exist (and be especially confused by my nostalgic smile when I learned that it does.) A very valuable tool I learned in college was the practice … Continue reading

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Another Great Use Of Drones

This footage looks like a super-wide-angle lens, but actually, it’s 7 GoPros giving a 360degree view. Be sure to watch the final result (music video) at the end of Gizmodo’s post before the BTS video.

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Car Paints Portraits, Technique Dependant Upon Driving Style

I certainly don’t think this is something we NEED, but it sure is cool!

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Why I Turned Down An Opportunity To Be a Glass Explorer

On the day that Google announced their Glass Explorer Program, my eyes lit up and I knew I wanted one. No. I NEEDED one. I didn’t know why yet, but that was going to be the fun part- figuring out … Continue reading

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Stuffed Animals Created From Children’s Drawings

These stuffed animals created directly from children’s drawings are nothing less than amazing. The craftsmanship looks impeccable. I’m tempted to dig out old drawings of my own, just in case they start taking orders again soon!

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B&W 35″ x 35″ Contact Print With Complete Dynamic Range? YES.

Spectral Instruments, based in Arizona, just announced a new toy digital back.  Don’t get too excited- it’s just a prototype and only captures in B&W.  Timely announcement, just days after Leica announced their monochrome digital camera. (Gives me a vision … Continue reading

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Visual History of the Microphone

I’m loving these old photos.  This technology still blows me away.

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(I’m Glad) These Will Be Everywhere  

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Etch-A-Sketch Turns A Negative Into A Positive

Kudos to the Ohio Art (Etch-A-Sketch) Company for having Team Detroit quickly turn their random political mention into a well-executed ad campaign. Coming soon: blue models for the Dems. Genius.

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