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This Girl Totally Beats My Coffee Paintings

Coffee ring painting by Hong Yi (via Mental Floss.)  Nicely done.

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Give Credit Where Credit Is Due

I think we’ve all finally come to the conclusion that you can’t get mad at someone for sharing something you’ve posted online.  We’re ALL curators to some extent in one way, or another.  It is nice, however, to get the … Continue reading

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B&W 35″ x 35″ Contact Print With Complete Dynamic Range? YES.

Spectral Instruments, based in Arizona, just announced a new toy digital back.  Don’t get too excited- it’s just a prototype and only captures in B&W.  Timely announcement, just days after Leica announced their monochrome digital camera. (Gives me a vision … Continue reading

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Visual History of the Microphone

I’m loving these old photos.  This technology still blows me away.

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(I’m Glad) These Will Be Everywhere  

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My Super Duper Moon Made Out of Coffee+Salt

I decided to paint a moon for this year’s Water Thirst Art Auction donation.  26″x 26″ Coffee+salt on canvas.  The event will be held June 16th at the Goss/Michael Foundation in Dallas.  This is a juried event, so there’s no … Continue reading

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The Eagleman Stag- Totally Worth 9 Minutes Of Your Time

I don’t care how busy you are. Without even commenting on the story that is told, the quality of the sets alone are worth your 9 minutes. Just incredible. A film by

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When You Live In Texas, EVERY Day Is Cinco de Mayo

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