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Spring Has Sprung!

For Dallasites, the warm and humid weather has chased out the little bit of cold weather we get to enjoy. It’s nothing to complain about- especially when you understand what miserably hot and humid weather will be here before we … Continue reading

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The House That Stan Built

My rep Laura Gonzales and I were excited to attend the Vendor Openhouse Tour of The Richards Group’s new home. It’s a stunning building overlooking I-75 Central Expressway and Uptown in Dallas, Tx. To say it’s an upgrade would be … Continue reading

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Dallas Snow Day

I love exploring details that can’t be seen with the naked eye. We had some beautiful snow in Dallas yesterday (a rare treat for us.)  It was a blast to see the different types of flakes falling- I just wish … Continue reading

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Craft Beer in Dallas, Tx

I’ve been a fan of craft beer for years now. Dallas FINALLY has some delicious local brews available for my drinking pleasure. Here’s a few- there are many others I look forward to shooting soon… Ahhhhhhhh. Time for a beer.    

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State Fair Of Texas’ Mascot, “Big Tex” Up In Flames

Today, the 60 year old mascot of The State Fair Of Texas, Big Tex, caught fire. ticket photo by Cyndi Long      “Big & Bright.”  Boy, were they right.   The State Fair has been running a weekly photo contest. I’m … Continue reading

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Perfect Weather In Dallas

I decided to take advantage of the great weather this past weekend to explore my backyard- Dallas, Texas.  I had a blast bar-hopping on the DART light-rail, and also found some awesome fashion locations while riding my bike along the … Continue reading

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Dallas Calatrava Bridge Celebration

Dallas had a celebration today for a new bridge that connects Downtown to the under-developed West Dallas. It’s called “The Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge,” but it was designed by Spanish architect Frank Calatrava. They had all sorts of music, parades, … Continue reading

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Cyndi Long’s New Website Is Up

If you see a random image that doesn’t seem to “go,” you need to clear out your cache to view it properly. Especially the iPhone version. Hope you like it!

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I recently stumbled upon these forgotten photos that I took in late 2011.  A storm had just dropped and the sun was beginning to set.  This took place over a weekend, and there was an eerily calm silence in what … Continue reading

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Today, I Stopped To Smell The Roses

Well, actually… no roses were involved.  I did, however enjoy a gingerly walk in my neighborhood to soak in some lovely 69 degree sunny weather.  The spring-like light was inspiring, so I brought along my camera. One of my favorite … Continue reading

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