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Etch-A-Sketch Turns A Negative Into A Positive

Kudos to the Ohio Art (Etch-A-Sketch) Company for having Team Detroit quickly turn their random political mention into a well-executed ad campaign. Coming soon: blue models for the Dems. Genius.

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Google Challenges Advertising Old-Timers To Recreate Their Famous Ads For Today

Google’s Project Re Brief I LOVE the respect the Google folks are giving the older ad peeps, and the insight into both processes. Watch the project’s introductory trailer- Watch the Coca-Cola Hilltop Re-Do

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Texas-Born Artist Makes Her Mark, One Chalkboard At A Time

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Super Bowl Commercials 2012 (In Order)

I’m not peeking yet.  I’m like a kid on Christmas Eve.  I can’t wait to see them live.

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This ALMOST Makes Me Want To Eat Burger King Their new tv visuals are fantastic as well.

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Wacom “Inkling”… It’s About Damn Time.

This new tool for illustrators looks soooooooooo cool.  An artist can draw with a special ballpoint pen that’s simultaneously recorded digitally.  That file can then be imported into Photoshop as layers. After having time to think about how cool this … Continue reading

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Zoiks!!! Definitely time to STOP using Twitpic!

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