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Microscopic Images From “Digested” 35mm Film

Check out these microscopic images made from 35mm film “digested” through the artist. It’s a fun and intriguing project from artists Josh Lake and Luke Evans. Gross and cool at the same time:  

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Lifesaver Award = Lifesaver Cookies

When JCPenney gives you a “Lifesaver Award,” you make Lifesaver Cookies!  My rep, Laura Gonzales (Happy Artists) enjoyed the challenge of figuring out what the heck to do with a mountain of Lifesaver candies.  She went for a stained-glass look … Continue reading

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This Girl Totally Beats My Coffee Paintings

Coffee ring painting by Hong Yi (via Mental Floss.)  Nicely done.

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My Super Duper Moon Made Out of Coffee+Salt

I decided to paint a moon for this year’s Water Thirst Art Auction donation.  26″x 26″ Coffee+salt on canvas.  The event will be held June 16th at the Goss/Michael Foundation in Dallas.  This is a juried event, so there’s no … Continue reading

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Studio Sweets + Drinks

Valentine’s Day is a great excuse for Laura to fire up the cookie-baking oven. They were delish! Thanks to Nate Rehlander for the pics!

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Kaleidoscope Fun

This is a fun little time-waste website that takes a random image and allows you to create new designs with the move of your mouse (or finger if viewing on your phone.) Here’s a link using one of my drink … Continue reading

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Drink Competition

I recently hosted a “drink-making” competition game night.  Here are a few entries: The Three-Way Tie   The Lead Piep   Richard Dawson’s French Kiss   Alex Trubeck’s Xmas Sweater

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