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State Fair Of Texas’ Mascot, “Big Tex” Up In Flames

Today, the 60 year old mascot of The State Fair Of Texas, Big Tex, caught fire. ticket photo by Cyndi Long      “Big & Bright.”  Boy, were they right.   The State Fair has been running a weekly photo contest. I’m … Continue reading

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B&W 35″ x 35″ Contact Print With Complete Dynamic Range? YES.

Spectral Instruments, based in Arizona, just announced a new toy digital back.  Don’t get too excited- it’s just a prototype and only captures in B&W.  Timely announcement, just days after Leica announced their monochrome digital camera. (Gives me a vision … Continue reading

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Visual History of the Microphone

I’m loving these old photos.  This technology still blows me away.

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Google Challenges Advertising Old-Timers To Recreate Their Famous Ads For Today

Google’s Project Re Brief I LOVE the respect the Google folks are giving the older ad peeps, and the insight into both processes. Watch the project’s introductory trailer- Watch the Coca-Cola Hilltop Re-Do

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Dallas Calatrava Bridge Celebration

Dallas had a celebration today for a new bridge that connects Downtown to the under-developed West Dallas. It’s called “The Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge,” but it was designed by Spanish architect Frank Calatrava. They had all sorts of music, parades, … Continue reading

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Super Bowl Commercials 2012 (In Order)

I’m not peeking yet.  I’m like a kid on Christmas Eve.  I can’t wait to see them live.

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18 Years of Polaroids, Including His Deathbed

The idea of an image a day is a common one these days. Jamie Livingston began HIS project in 1979. He died of cancer at age 41. The concept is strong, and as you dig through the imagery, you realize … Continue reading

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