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Vik Muniz Uses The Camera I Want To Use Sooooo Bad!

This is super cool. Vik Muniz etched a castle into a grain of sand. Jimi Hendrix would be so proud…. (Good BTS video, too)

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Visiting Another Time Through Matchbooks, Part 1

I’m super excited to explore my Grandfather’s childhood matchbook collection over the next few days. I’ll post some of the better ones here, so please stay tuned.

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Photographs NOT Taken

A list of photographs NOT taken. Sounds strange, I know, but think about it for a sec….. Imagine all of the moments that you’ve experienced over the course of your life that you either chose to not photograph (to REALLY … Continue reading

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Manipulated “Video” Portraits

These guys (Artists Donato Sansone and Enrico Ascoli) are overly-manipulating stills and piecing together to make a video. Lots of wicked potential there…

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Celebrities Made Ordinary

I love how this Retoucher (Danny Evans) took the “celebrity” out of these celebrities. Johnny Depp Tom Cruise

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*Vote For Cyndi Long*

Cyndi just entered the See.Me “Exposure” Competition. There’s a People’s Choice Award, so PLEASE VOTE!

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Cyndi Long on FeatureShoot Today

I’m pretty excited to be a part of today’s [texture] post on Featureshoot. Some good images there-

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Happy Valentine’s Day! (Timelapse Video)

With my massive sweet tooth, I never thought it was possible to eat too much chocolate. Boy, was I wrong…I found my boundary and subsequently have zero desire for candy this Valentine’s Day!  If you need me, I’ll be at … Continue reading

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Blind Man Lets Us See His World Via Instagram

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Brilliant Collaboration Between Artist + Thief

After running recovery software on her stolen computer, Melanie Willhide discovered her already amazing images with a new twist of awesome.

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