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Seed Vault Documented By Dornith Doherty

Pretty cool to see University of North Texas’ own, Dornith Doherty featured via Wired Magazine’s blog.  She traveled almost to the North Pole to document a storage facility for seeds (stored in case of a horrible event.)  She used a … Continue reading

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Real Clouds INSIDE A Gallery

I can’t believe I missed this from 2010- Cloud art from New Zealand artist, Berndnaut Smilde: (check out the video) Here’s some more info:

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Ant Colony Timelapse Inside A Scanner

This would work well as a NIN music video. link via kottke

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Today, I Stopped To Smell The Roses

Well, actually… no roses were involved.  I did, however enjoy a gingerly walk in my neighborhood to soak in some lovely 69 degree sunny weather.  The spring-like light was inspiring, so I brought along my camera. One of my favorite … Continue reading

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Visual Fun With Sound

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What Does Yellow Taste Like? An Awesome Look At Synesthesia

Here’s a fascinating look into a “neurological quirk” I can’t believe that I’ve never heard of…  Synesthesia allows for the tasting of colors, hearing textures or feeling smells.  I wish I could have this for one day. From the Richards … Continue reading

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Smart Product With A Smart Website

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Science Paintings Waaaaaay Before His Time

The scientist that discovered Penicillin (Alexander Fleming) painted with microbes.  He would grow the colors he wanted, and then time the painting out to where the colors would grow in at the same time.  Talk about a “one-night-only” show… reading

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Nifty “Polargraph” Creation Video

catchy music, too…

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There’s Hope For Me & My Messy Desk After All….

Einstein’s desk, photographed the day after he died: (via reddit/LettersOfNote)

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