Vik Muniz Uses The Camera I Want To Use Sooooo Bad!

This is super cool. Vik Muniz etched a castle into a grain of sand. Jimi Hendrix would be so proud….

©Vik Muniz

(Good BTS video, too)

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Another Great Use Of Drones

This footage looks like a super-wide-angle lens, but actually, it’s 7 GoPros giving a 360degree view.
Be sure to watch the final result (music video) at the end of Gizmodo’s post before the BTS video.

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Dirty Car Art- This Needs To Catch On!

Way better than “WASH ME!”

Dirty Car Artist Scott Wade

Dirty Car Artist Tamara Navarro


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Visiting Another Time Through Matchbooks, Part 1

I’m super excited to explore my Grandfather’s childhood matchbook collection over the next few days. I’ll post some of the better ones here, so please stay tuned.

My Grandfather's Childhood Matchbook Collection

My Grandfather’s Childhood Matchbook Collection

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Our Moon, The Art Gallery

I can’t believe I never learned about this in any of my art (or science!) classes.

This is an incredible story of a sculpture that was placed on our Lunar surface, many moons (pun intended) ago…

“Fallen Astronaut” by Paul van Hoeydonck (Waddell Gallery)

“The Fallen Astronaut” with Commemorative Plaque (NASA)


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Photographs NOT Taken

A list of photographs NOT taken. Sounds strange, I know, but think about it for a sec…..

Imagine all of the moments that you’ve experienced over the course of your life that you either chose to not photograph (to REALLY experience it,) or that you didn’t have a camera with you, but you wish you did.  I have several instances of both scenarios in between all of the photos that I DID take.

Photographer Michael David Murphy decided to start writing these moments down- in great detail. Reading these really give a sense of what the photograph would have/could have been.  I’d love to see this project expanded to have similar writings about photos that WERE taken, just to see if what you imagine it to be vs. what it really is.

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Car Paints Portraits, Technique Dependant Upon Driving Style

I certainly don’t think this is something we NEED, but it sure is cool!

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