Car Paints Portraits, Technique Dependant Upon Driving Style

I certainly don’t think this is something we NEED, but it sure is cool!

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Boy, I Sure Have Been Pronouncing Futura Wrong

Here’s a list of European typefaces with accompanying European soundbites pronouncing them.

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Match Made In Heaven (Mother+Daughter Illustrations)

Beautiful collaboration between Mica Angela Hendricks and her 4 year old daughter.  What fun memories they must now have.

Read the article here:

Buy prints here:

Read her blog about this project here:

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Manipulated “Video” Portraits

These guys (Artists Donato Sansone and Enrico Ascoli) are overly-manipulating stills and piecing together to make a video. Lots of wicked potential there…

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Artist John Knuth Uses Curated Fly Dung and Vomit

I’m torn between thinking this is super cool/super gross/super compassion-less.

The end result is amazing, so, I’m going with super cool for the time being.

john knuth fly paintings

Read Don’t Panic Online’s Review

Artist, John Knuth

Definitely watch the video (unless bugs freak you out:)

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Why I Turned Down An Opportunity To Be a Glass Explorer

On the day that Google announced their Glass Explorer Program, my eyes lit up and I knew I wanted one. No. I NEEDED one. I didn’t know why yet, but that was going to be the fun part- figuring out what my little brain could come up with.
My first thoughts were art related, but then I realized how much cooler it would be to utilize this technology to make the world a better place.

My mind was flooding with ideas. I was excited to utilize face recognition and never awkwardly ask someone if we’ve ever met. I couldn’t wait to see if my Alzheimer’s-stricken Grandmother could somehow be helped.
Then, Google announced that face recognition wouldn’t be allowed with Glass due to privacy concerns.

Balloon popped.

But, wait… There are other really cool things that could be done. Surely, once I get my hands on this thing, my brain will figure out what I should do with it.

During the last exhibition game of this current baseball season, I received a DM from Google. “Congratulations! You’ve been chosen to participate in the Glass Explorer program!” WHAT!!!? Seriously! Suddenly I didn’t care how close these awesome free (preseason) baseball seats were that someone gave me. I’m getting a Google Glass!!! Ooh- wouldn’t it be cool to see the game through the player’s eyes??

Then, about a week later, I heard the rumor that the price for this preliminary beta-testing piece of equipment would be $1500.
Surely that’s not correct. I mean, this is GOOGLE we’re talking about. They could afford to ship these out for free, right? I can understand needing to pay something to cover materials, or to keep it “exclusive,” but hopefully not THAT much. I figured, “If it’s more than $500, I’m out.”

After sleeping on it, I started to reverse my aversion. $1500 is a lot of money, but hey- this is such a unique opportunity, and it could be a LOT of fun. I mean, being able to record my perspective has been a distant dream since I was a kid. And, here it is- right in front of me. I just need to get over it and fork over the money.
Now, I’ll just wait until Google contacts me with specifics on how to claim my prize.

So, I wait.
And, I wait.

I read that I was only 1 of 8,000 that would be given this opportunity. Maybe it’s alphabetical, and I have to wait until they get to the L’s. Maybe they see me as a lower-tier Explorer and I just need to patiently wait for #7,999 to be called. That’s ok. It’ll be worth the wait.

So, I wait some more. Every once in a while, I search Twitter for any indication of people discussing their shiny new toy. I mostly see people like me, complaining that they haven’t heard back. I figure complaining at this point would do me no good, so I keep quiet and carry on.

Then, one afternoon out of nowhere, I receive a message from Google Glass. Yippee! I can’t wait to click through the link they sent to find out how much it is and how long until I receive it. I’m in the middle of a photo shoot, so I have to wait a little bit longer until there’s a break in the action. The anticipation is killing me.

First, I have to log in. Done.
Second, I have to agree to terms that include giving Google access to my Twitter account. Not direct messages or my password, but everything else.

I’m going to have to think about that. I mean, of course I’m going to hand over whatever Google wants at this point- I know I am, but I have to AT LEAST think about it first.
Ok, Google. You win. Next-

—Wait… Now you’re telling me that I have to schedule an appointment to pick up in person? In LA or NY? But I live in Dallas!
I have 14 days to purchase, and then 30 additional days to pickup. If I don’t follow through, I lose my chance to participate. Wow.

I pick a date/time so I can get to the part where they state the price. I’m thinking that if I can keep the total cost (incl. airfare) around the $1500 range, I’m in.

The quoted price is… You guessed it…$1500 (plus tax.) Deal breaker.

To recap, Google expects me to fly to LA and back after paying $1500 to help them beta test something I can’t see in person until my check clears.

Google, I really do appreciate the majority of what you’ve brought to the world. I also realize that my brain can’t yet comprehend the amazing technological advances that your company will give the world in my lifetime and beyond.

Given this, I understand that what I am now enthusiastically declining is worth way more than $1500 and a flight to LA.

This will probably haunt me later on, but I just can’t do it.
I’m going to have to continue dreaming. And that’s ok.

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Celebrities Made Ordinary

I love how this Retoucher (Danny Evans) took the “celebrity” out of these celebrities.

Johnny Depp20130406-064135.jpg

Tom Cruise20130406-064152.jpg

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*Vote For Cyndi Long*

Cyndi just entered the See.Me “Exposure” Competition. There’s a People’s Choice Award, so PLEASE VOTE!


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Sharpie Bleed Face (I can’t stop giggling.)

This project’s process photos make me giggle, but then I am astonished by how cool the end result is…

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Cyndi Long on FeatureShoot Today

I’m pretty excited to be a part of today’s [texture] post on Featureshoot.
Some good images there-


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