Well it’s about damn time.

Boy, do we have some catching up to do. Fashionably late, I suppose….

This is the official blog for the happiest of Happy Artists. Give Laura a shout if you’d like to discuss her Happy Artists at length. [happyartists.com]

If you’ve found your way here before our official unveiling, I hope you enjoy it.  We want to get used to this new daily task (and get the kinks out) before inviting folks in.  But, since you’re here, take your coat off and get comfortable….

We’ll begin by catching up with the cool stuff that deserves to be linked up, and then make this an updated-daily type thang.
Enjoy, and please suggest any awesomeness we may have missed!

About cyndilong

Commercial photographer....Fine Artist....Music Lover....Food Lover....Art Lover....Beer Lover....Part-time Drummer...Dog Lover....Sports Lover....
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