Give Credit Where Credit Is Due

I think we’ve all finally come to the conclusion that you can’t get mad at someone for sharing something you’ve posted online.  We’re ALL curators to some extent in one way, or another.  It is nice, however, to get the nod when you’ve created something unique.  We photographers have always demanded photo credit (unless you’re paying well,) and it’s about time that all other creatives follow suit.  It’s only fair.

This is a new online system for doing just that.  I’m not too excited about the name- it just doesn’t roll off the tongue, but it’s mission is intriguing.

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3 Responses to Give Credit Where Credit Is Due

  1. Russell says:

    I think the basic idea is pretty cool. It speaks more to the fact that people have a more general set of creative interests these days. Flickr can show all your photos, but not your music. Bandcamp can show your music, but not your videos. A place to have all of your media collected is an interesting idea.

  2. cyndilong says:

    Good point, Russell. I really hope this takes hold. I would enjoy being able to see who the stylist was for a really cool shoot, etc. And even though there are sites to find music from ads, there’s always one or two that I can’t find, that I wish I could. Of course, this would only work if the artist had tagged themselves. It would be tempting to hack the system to tag your competitors or friends on really bad art as a prank, too!

  3. Ela Madej says:

    Thank you for noticing Credictive and your feedback! It’s quite of a task we have take on 😉 Glad that you see something interesting in the idea. Are you a part of the community yet? Would you use it?

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