iPhone App Makes You Wait An Hour For Your Photos

I’m guessing that most photographers born after 1990 won’t understand why this app would even exist (and be especially confused by my nostalgic smile when I learned that it does.)

A very valuable tool I learned in college was the practice of “pre-visualization.” Basically, the idea was to learn to “see” in B&W, and also slow the process down, allowing yourself to make more purposeful compositions and lighting choices. You took good notes, so you could learn from mistakes after hand-processing your film. If you could afford it (rough as a student, but MUCH easier as a paid professional with a budget,) you could use Polaroid film to proof your work before processing. You would then cross your fingers that nothing would go wrong in the darkroom!

With the popularity of digital-see-what-you-got-immediately cameras, I’ve wondered how students could learn the old processes, or if they even NEED to learn them. (I suggest taping over the viewing screen to force students to learn to think before shooting.)

This new app from Nevercenter Labs will force you to wait one hour before seeing your pic. Not nearly as long as the good ol’ days, but it still takes me back to a magical time in my photography career.


Here’s a great review- http://www.thephoblographer.com/2014/06/11/1-hour-photo-app-makes-wait-smartphone-images/#.U5khJijdJ4O



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