Oktoberfest Art+Beer Pairing

It was my pleasure to help out my friend, Melissa Nelson Gonzales of the Dallas Museum of Art, with a cool little project earlier this month. In honor of Oktoberfest, she had the task of pairing German and German-style beers with German works of art from the museum.

What a treat this was! We were given a “tour” of German beers at Meddlesome Moth (with their beer director, Matt Quenette.) He gave us the history of the beers/breweries and pointed out different characteristics of each. Melissa then thought of different artists/works and how they could relate. It was a really neat experience.

When we were done, I lugged the empty bottles back to my studio so I could document them properly. Usually, when shooting product shots, the client will provide pristine “hero” samples- with perfect labels, etc. Obviously, this was a different scenario, so I had to make it work with empty banged-up bottles. I’m pretty happy with the results, though.

Take a moment to check it all out!


RealAle_Hans KostriberAustin_Pearl-Snap

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1 Response to Oktoberfest Art+Beer Pairing

  1. Melissa Gonzales says:

    your awesome photography skills made up for the lack of pristine samples!

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