Spring Has Sprung!

For Dallasites, the warm and humid weather has chased out the little bit of cold weather we get to enjoy. It’s nothing to complain about- especially when you understand what miserably hot and humid weather will be here before we know it!

I went to eat this beautiful sugar cookie duck (homemade by my rep/talented baker, Laura Gonzales) yesterday and decided it was too cute to not document in some way first. So, in honor of Spring and all of the wonderful things that implies, here is a short little animation:


Still from Cyndi Long's sugar cookie duckie animation

Still from Cyndi Long’s Sugar Cookie Duckie Animation



You can see another documentation of a different, but equally beautiful sugar cookie here:


Cyndi Long's Detail of Sugar on Bunny Sugar Cookie's Tail

Cyndi Long’s Detail of Sugar on Bunny Sugar Cookie’s Tail

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