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Cyndi Long on FeatureShoot Today

I’m pretty excited to be a part of today’s [texture] post on Featureshoot. Some good images there-

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Blind Man Lets Us See His World Via Instagram

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Brilliant Collaboration Between Artist + Thief

After running recovery software on her stolen computer, Melanie Willhide discovered her already amazing images with a new twist of awesome.

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Photos: 160 Pounds In 1 Year

These photos aren’t that great aesthetically, but are amazing to see, nonetheless. Watch a woman lose 160 pounds in her dressing room photos:   Check out more photos from this series, as well as other projects here:

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New Work By Brent Larson

I’ve been fortunate enough to know Brent for 20 years now (yowza!) He’s always had incredibly creative vision, but his work has grown to a higher level of imagination that can only be found when sharing time with a child.

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Painting With Video- This Blows My Mind

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Beautiful Scarves By Hiroshi Sugimoto

I used to work at a gallery that had a couple of Hiroshi Sugimoto’s images from the Seascapes and Theater series. I fell in love with his work at first sight.

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Microscopic Images From “Digested” 35mm Film

Check out these microscopic images made from 35mm film “digested” through the artist. It’s a fun and intriguing project from artists Josh Lake and Luke Evans. Gross and cool at the same time:  

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This Girl Totally Beats My Coffee Paintings

Coffee ring painting by Hong Yi (via Mental Floss.)  Nicely done.

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Give Credit Where Credit Is Due

I think we’ve all finally come to the conclusion that you can’t get mad at someone for sharing something you’ve posted online.  We’re ALL curators to some extent in one way, or another.  It is nice, however, to get the … Continue reading

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