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iPhone App Makes You Wait An Hour For Your Photos

I’m guessing that most photographers born after 1990 won’t understand why this app would even exist (and be especially confused by my nostalgic smile when I learned that it does.) A very valuable tool I learned in college was the practice … Continue reading

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Visiting Another Time Through Matchbooks, Part 1

I’m super excited to explore my Grandfather’s childhood matchbook collection over the next few days. I’ll post some of the better ones here, so please stay tuned.

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Why I Turned Down An Opportunity To Be a Glass Explorer

On the day that Google announced their Glass Explorer Program, my eyes lit up and I knew I wanted one. No. I NEEDED one. I didn’t know why yet, but that was going to be the fun part- figuring out … Continue reading

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*Vote For Cyndi Long*

Cyndi just entered the See.Me “Exposure” Competition. There’s a People’s Choice Award, so PLEASE VOTE!

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Cyndi Long on FeatureShoot Today

I’m pretty excited to be a part of today’s [texture] post on Featureshoot. Some good images there-

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Happy Valentine’s Day! (Timelapse Video)

With my massive sweet tooth, I never thought it was possible to eat too much chocolate. Boy, was I wrong…I found my boundary and subsequently have zero desire for candy this Valentine’s Day!  If you need me, I’ll be at … Continue reading

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State Fair Of Texas’ Mascot, “Big Tex” Up In Flames

Today, the 60 year old mascot of The State Fair Of Texas, Big Tex, caught fire. ticket photo by Cyndi Long      “Big & Bright.”  Boy, were they right.   The State Fair has been running a weekly photo contest. I’m … Continue reading

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New Work By Cyndi Long: Cosmetics

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Photos of Small Grotesque Things (Bugs)

I’ve always been intrigued by the details found via macro photography.  When I was young, I ran around with this super cool pen-shaped microscope, exploring textures such as denim and skin.  That fascination carried through to my adult life, and … Continue reading

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Sweet Blueberry Tofu Recipe

We don’t want this blog to turn into a cooking channel, but I DO love food and I DO love getting creative in the kitchen. After eating too many hotdogs and BBQ this 4th of July, your body may need … Continue reading

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